Domestic Air Source Heat Pumps

An efficient alternative way to heat a property, an air source heating system can be the ideal option for those who want to generate their own heat, help the environment, and save money on their energy bills.


An air source heating system functions…

using the principle of vapour compression, transferring hot air from one location to another throughout a home. The technology is like a refrigerator, which extracts heat from inside and pumps it outside to keep food cool. Air heating pumps work in the opposite way, extracting air from the outside and pumping it into a home.


Today’s heat pumps are a flexible option for providing low-carbon and low-cost space heating and hot water in homes. The heat pump is integrated just like a conventional boiler system, with a domestic hot water cylinder supplying the shower and other hot water needs; while heating can be delivered by underfloor heating or radiators.

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