Become Independent, HOW?

For a busy family who rarely spend time at home during the day a battery just makes sense. While you’re out and about shopping, working, picking the children up from school your Solar PV system is always generating BUT whilst not being used only the grid is benefiting. Battery’s charge up throughout the day for you to use of and evening which on average is the busiest time of day.


But What Are the Benefits?

Electricity rates are lower during the daytime when home electricity use is lower and solar panels are at their most productive. If your utility uses TOU rates, you can benefit from home energy storage by using electricity from your solar batteries during peak hours when utility electricity rates are at their highest.


Solar PV Battery’s come in all different shapes and sizes so it is important to gain some expert advice on the matter. For example, the markets leading battery has a capacity of 13.5kW which is enough to power a busy family home all evening. Good to know, Right?

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