Flat Surface, Butt-joins for panels. Homogeneous eye-pleasing finish for all types of roofs. with an increased electrical output And Premium components of High surface yield (17%) for optimal power generation


Heat during the winter, Cool air over the summer

Night-time cooling 4°c cooler than the outdoor temperature. Ideal night-time comfort, with the windows closed. Less than 30 decibels. Makes no noise when running. Cool nights = sleep tight.


This product offers Innovative air recovery offering 4 functions - Generate your electricity, improve your home heating, enjoy cool nights in the summer and purify the air in your home. Buildings can become energy sources! Energy independence is not only accessible to few ecological purists. This becomes an increasing necessity for all. The thermal output is 30% (up to 50%) – air pressure drops: 10 pa at 100 m3/h.

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