Voltage optimisation advantages

Voltage optimisers are used to regulate the voltage use to ensure energy savings; the typical savings claimed for a voltage optimiser user is around 15 percent. Optimisers work to reduce the overall voltage used, this resulting in lower electricity used and decreased power consumption, which are all benefits for the environment as non-renewable energy is used less.


What is voltage optimisation?

Voltage optimisation is an energy saving technology that is used to regulate, clean and condition the incoming power supply in order to reduce the voltage supplied to the optimum level for the on-site electrical equipment and appliances.


Voltage optimisers are great for cutting carbon emissions and providing savings on electricity bills, voltage optimisation can also improve power quality by balancing phase voltages and filtering harmonics and transients from the network operators supply. Optimisation ensures that any power coming into premises is cleaned, regulated and optimised so it falls in line with what is required. All energy related equipment in the building is assessed to see how its use of power can be streamlined and therefore save as much money as possible.

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